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BSLtech Engineering Solution

Developing your expertise in the engineering sector calls for cleanrooms that offer flexibility. BSL supplies cleanrooms with very flexible dimensions and layout. Expanding the cleanroom is effortless, and the possibilities in layout are big. As you can see, BSL Cleanroom offers a solution for every problem.

Of course it is possible to place a single cleanroom over a machine interface. In addition to one large space, there is the possibility of combining several (mobile) spaces. In this way, any desired arrangement is created (think of a goods lock, personnel lock or a combination of both).


The cleanrooms can partly or entirely cover existing equipment or setups. BSL supplies unidirectional laminar flow and canopies that can be placed on or above critical processes or components. By doing this, BSL offers protection against contamination from the environment.

Typical processes in the engineering sector:

● Injection moulding
● Precision extrusion
● Optics
● Printing
● Composite manufacturing
● Automotive
● Cleaning and packaging