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Sunflower Oil Filling Machine


Developing your expertise in the food industry calls for cleanrooms that guarantee the best possible care for hygiene. Highly polluting particles are often released during the processes. It is therefore essential that cleanrooms can be properly cleaned. BSL opts for materials that are suitable for easy cleaning. Additionally, HEPA filters are extra protected against splashing water and other liquids.

Most popular version

Often used, are cleanrooms with ISO classes 5 to 7 according to the international cleanroom standard ISO14644-1. If desired, cleanrooms can be suspended from the ceiling. Additionally, BSL offers compact and simple mobile versions for mobile applications or packing/filling lines.

Typical processes within the food industry:

(part) enclose manufacturing line fruit & vegetables

(part) enclosure botteling line

Protection of liquid product filling (for example liquid egg for bakeries)

Protection of spawn strains (mushrooms) against contamination