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Dispensing Booth (Sampling or Weighing Booth)

short description:

A weighing booth, also known as a weighing enclosure or balance enclosure, is a specialized enclosure designed to provide a controlled environment for weighing and handling sensitive materials.The primary purpose of a weighing booth is to protect the material being weighed from external contaminants such as dust, airborne particles, and drafts. This is important because even small impurities can affect the accuracy and precision of sensitive weighing processes.Weighing booths are typically equipped with features such as HEPA filters to purify the air, ensuring that the working area remains clean and particle-free. The booth may also have a laminar airflow system, which provides a continuous flow of filtered air over the workspace, further minimizing the risk of contamination.Additionally, weighing booths may have features like an anti-vibration table or an isolated workspace to reduce the impact of vibrations on delicate weighing operations. They may also be equipped with external ventilation systems to remove any fumes or chemical odors that may be generated during the weighing process.Weighing booths are commonly used in various industries, including pharmaceuticals, chemical laboratories, research facilities, and quality control departments, where precise weighing is essential for product formulation, testing, and research purposes.Overall, weighing booths provide a controlled and clean environment that ensures accurate and reliable weighing procedures while protecting the integrity of the materials being handled.

Product Specification

Product Detail

Product Tags




Carbon type

Outside dimension



Working area W*D*H(Cm)


Cleanliness level

ISO 5 ( Class 100)

 ISO 6 ( Class 1000)

Primary filter


Middle filter


High efficiency filter


Average velocity of airflow







Power supply

AC 220V/50Hz or AC 380V/50Hz


High end configuration or basic configuration



Rock wool fireproof board

Exhaust air

10% adjustable

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  • Dispensing booth is a dedicated purification equipment for sampling, weighing and analysis. It can contain powders and particles within work area and prevent operator from inhaling them.Dispensing booth is also called sampling booth or weighing booth or downflow booth or power containment booth.


    Customized design is welcome.

    Negative pressure design contains powder and particles inside booth, not overflowing booth

    Stainless steel construction make booth clean and hygienic

    Differential pressure gauge is equipped to real-time monitor the filters.

    Dispensing Booth(Sampling or Weighing Booth) has primary filters, medium efficiency filters and HEPA filters to keep air cleanliness of work area


    It is used for weighing and measuring raw materials, Antibiotic sampling,Treatment of hormone drugs both powder and liquid.